I feel like I am packing to go to outer space. And here’s what I’ve learned about packing over the years. My husband is useless. I mean he’s amazing….but he’s useless at packing. So I’ve been planning for this trip for 6 months. I have everything meticulously planned out…every liquid is in a baggy, we each have our own toiletries bag. I have made sure that I have half of each of our clothes in each checked bag incase we lose one of them. I have bug spray. Hand sanitizer. Bandaids. I have a picture of each outfit I’m going to wear so that I don’t overpack. (No joke-everyone at work will verify. They are fascinated by how organized I am about this-yet can never remember where I put my coffee at work….). I have brought chocolate bars, energy bars, crystal lite packets, instant coffee packs, coffee whitener, vinegar, ketchup, peanut butter (insert eye roll here), emergen-c packets, the list goes on and on and on. My husband showed up. Asked where his liquids are, packed his WALLET. And got on the plane. I should however mention here that when we had to get a room at the airport hotel and they needed his drivers license. He said “I didn’t bring it”. I said, “yes you did. I saw you put it in your travel wallet”. “No I didn’t”. “Yes you did. Check it again.” “Nope. Not here….oh wait…its here.”. THE ONLY THING HE ACTUALLY PACKED HIMSELF. Yeah. So…..this is going to be a whole thing. I mean what grown man asks, “how many pairs of underwear did you pack for me?”. Sigh. I told him I packed 14 pairs. I did not tell him 12 of them are thongs. And now we wait…….