Santorini, Greece

Allow myself to introduce.....myself...

I'm Karen...and I'm pretty much the only one you'll hear from on this blog.  Because although my three travel companions are ALL about having a blog, and making sure people think they are "super cool" for having something as hipster as a blog, they have absolutely no intention of actually contributing TO the blog.  But although you won't hear from them directly, you'll most definitely hear all about them.  And they never fail to entertain.....even-and mostly-when they don't mean to be entertaining in the least.  So I'll introduce them in a minute.  First: me...

I am a part time artist, part time Dental Treatment Coordinator and full time travel daydreamer.  I hope to show you the best of my travels, and hopefully make you laugh at least some of the time.  And although I take my traveling very seriously, I can generally conjure up a snarky comment about most subjects, I appreciate a good pun, I drink wine like its my job, and I promise to post even the most embarrassing of our experiences at the expense of my travel companions.  Sounds intriguing right???? Read on my on.

Meet the Crew

These are my people.....



The Husband

AKA: Casper, White Chocolate, Muppet #2

The best partner in crime a girl could ask for!  AND he glows in the dark.  So that's helpful.  Also,  he knows stuff about stuff...Like how to start a fire with a strand of hair and a tooth pick.  He's like a human swiss army knife.  I dig him.



The Sister

AKA: Nicole. This is non-negotiable

She's pretty amazing. And I love her. And one time, she hugged me. It was epic. If you tell her any of this I will deny it with my last dying breath.



The Bro-in-Law

aka:  Gar-een-o, The Meowsiah, Muppet #1

He laughs at all my jokes-so I keep him around. Also, he'll put a dress on anytime I ask him to. No questions asked.  So we have that going for us.